Meet your Detox Coaches!

Dr. Mindy Pelz

Dr. Mindy is passionate about helping families stay healthy for life. Her desire is to empower each person to become their own health champion! Her passion and focus include: heavy metal detoxification, healthy gut microbiome, brain function, hormone balance, and limitless energy. Her energy and passion for people ignite change and HOPE for life-long health.

"Anyone who meets Dr. Mindy will tell you she is on fire to empower you to take back control of your health.”

Jessica Coots Siebenhaar

Jessica is a heavy metal detox expert, Dr. Mindy's right-hand gal, and the driving force behind this program! She has safely guided and detoxed thousands of people and continues to change lives every day. Her patience, vast knowledge, steadfast perseverance, and sweet spirit make her the perfect Detox Coach to bring you successfully through this program.

Rachel Galloway

Rachel is an expert at detoxifying heavy metals and has used that knowledge to heal herself and her family. Her kindness and deep understanding of fasting, food variation, and heavy metal detox make her an amazing resource as you go through this program. Listen to the podcast where Dr. Mindy interviews Rachel and her daughter Rosie HERE.